Land and Nature

We have a very active TreeWilding group – responsible for several activities around Menston, including the Jam and Jelly hedge at Kirklands. On the wildlife front, there is an ongoing project to connect gardens in Menston to make a Hedgehog Highway.

We are encouraging gardeners to go peat-free with their compost choices – resources on that can be found here.

Some members of Treewilding have now formed a registered charity: Menston Area Nature Trust is planning to acquire land in and around the village to return it to nature, for everyone to enjoy. They will also be running workshops to encourage people to be more aware of the needs of our vanishing wildlife, making nesting/hedgehog boxes, running bird walks and growing wildflowers. For more information, or to join them, please visit

Menston Tree Trail

Menston in Bloom have updated the Menston Tree Trail. Click here or on the image to see the pdf file to download.