Poems for the Climate

Writing workshop September 2022.

A selection of the poems written during the workshop are shown below. Thank you to everyone who has agreed to have their work published here.

Extreme heat

Man made

Energy excess

Ruined lives

Global crisis

Endless stress

Nowhere safe

Catastrophic consumerism

Yawning gap



Live differently

Inspire others

Make change happen

Act now

Tell the story

Embody hope

Life on the edge anyway.

Climate pushed them over the edge

Noise;pressure; no time to think.

Outside experience

Poor – not many options/flexibility

Inherited experiences not useful any more.  Re-education?

Reduced carrying capacity

World needs to tip.  Avoid hopelessness

What to do?  Too late to stop it happening.

PLAN – Cities?


Agriculture – plant in gabions quick grow/harvest

Survey land ara



Intermediate Technology


A filthy deluge overwhelming all

Undoing the bricks

Levering up the trees

Dampening hope

This arid land is not cleansed 

And the struggle is biblical

Yet on they wade through the mud

Praying for a wave of change

Fiona Hilton