Zero Carbon Energy

We know that at the centre of the climate crisis is an increase in greenhouse gases. The creation, supply and consumption of energy in the UK currently depends largely on power stations which rely on either coal or gas.

As a nation we need to reduce and preferably eliminate that dependence and switch instead to renewable sources of energy. Whether it is wind, solar, tide, or hydro, the natural world offers us an abundance of clean, renewable energy sources.

With the steep increases in energy prices now feeding through into bills, saving energy and sourcing it from renewable supplies makes even more sense.

In the short term, here are some energy saving measures: 

AreaTipsAverage saving per year
Washing machineWash clothes at 30 with a full load£12
Clothes dryingOutside washing line instead of a drier£30
KettleOnly boil what you need£6
ThermostatTurn it down by 1 degree£80
Home appliancesDo not leave on standby£35
LightsSwitch off when you leave the room£13
ShowersReduce shower time by 3 mins£21
DishesUse a washing up bowl£25
BathsSwap a bath for a 5 min shower£10

If you did all these, you could save up to £232 pa.

Figures do not take account of price rises for energy in Spring 2022.

There are various sources of advice for help with energy bills – see here

If you have had installed solar panels, insulation etc and can recommend contractors, it would be good to hear from you.

We would like to encourage the installation of solar panels on community buildings so if you are excited about this please email