Zero Carbon Energy

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At the centre of the climate crisis is an increase in greenhouse gases and the creation, supply and consumption of energy in the UK currently depends largely on power stations which rely on either coal or gas.

As a nation we need to reduce and preferably eliminate that dependence and switch instead to renewable sources of energy. Whether it is wind, solar, tide, or hydro, the natural world offers us an abundance of clean, renewable energy sources.

At CAM, we are exploring ways in which we can promote and even participate in this energy revolution. In doing so, we want to educate our fellow Menstonites on some of the issues connected with energy and the solutions which are on offer which could transform our relationship with energy.

We also see opportunities for leveraging the latent civic and commercial power of us as a village of several thousand people. We are currently investigating the opportunity of placing an array of solar panels on community buildings in the village to help offset our dependence, as a community, on fossil fuel-derived energy. We would like this to grow into a wider community renewable energy project, joining many of the other community-led initiatives across the country.

If you are interested in joining us, please send an email to