Travel and Transport

The travel and transport working group are looking at how to encourage walking, cycling and low carbon transport within and beyond Menston. There is a climate emergency and we need to act now!

Vision for Main Street

Between February and April 2021, following funding from the Parish Council, Street Space undertook community engagement in Menston to follow up the survey that CAM did in 2020 concerning  people’s views about Main Street.  Many conversations took place with various stakeholders; the children at the Primary School gave their views and an online workshop took place on 22nd March.

About 50 people attended and lots of ideas were generated about how the street could be improved and Street Space published their report in April –  and you can read it here on our website.

A Vision for Main Street
Click on the image to view the full report from Street Space

Various next steps were outlined and an application for funding to carry on the work  has been made to the Climate Action Fund for Shipley.  The outcome is awaited.

A meeting with BMDC. CAM, Councillors and the school took place in May to find a way to move forward particularly for the area outside the school.

We are excited about what could be achieved with some interventions along the street to make it better for people.   Do please get involved and give us your ideas.

Car Free Day

Would you be interested in helping plan a Car Free Day in Menston on 25th September. There are ideas here : and we will be meeting shortly to take this forward. Do get in touch.

Wharfedale Greenway

The friends of Wharfedale Greenway  are looking at how the work on the Greenway between Pool and Illkey and beyond is getting on  and we are thinking about how we can best work with them for the link into Menston on the line of the old railway from Otley

Slow Ways

Do you walk locally?  Have you heard of Slow ways?  You could try their routes and even feedback on their state of repair, accessibility . Have a look – it could really help to encourage using local routes for getting from Menston to say , Burley or Guiseley on a nicer/better route.

Do get in touch if you would like to get involved / find out more: