Travel and Transport

The travel and transport working group are looking at how to encourage walking, cycling and low carbon transport within and beyond Menston. There is a climate emergency and we need to act now!

Vision for Main Street

In 2021, we spent time thinking about how Main Street could be improved for people! The full report is here.

A Vision for Main Street
Click on the image to view the full report from Street Space

Since then meetings have taken place between BMDC, CAM, local Councillors and the school to try and achieve a safer crossing route for  people outside the school.  As a result,  a trial of pavement widening took place in July 2021. We understand that BMDC are still working on the plans and we are hoping for an update shortly!

We are excited about what could be achieved with some interventions along the street to make it better for people.  We know that money will be an issue but it could be so much better.  Do please get involved and give us your ideas.

Wharfedale Greenway

Planning permission has now been granted for some of the sections of the Greenway between Otley and Burley. We understand that detailed route planning is now needed. The friends of Wharfedale Greenway  are keen to get feedback about what links need to be made to local points of interest/use . Please see

Walking Menston

Do you know how long it takes to walk from Four Lane Ends to Kirklands?  From the station to Chevin Park?  Sometimes we drive when it would be almost as quick to walk.  With that in mind, we have a small group working on a leaflet showing how little time it takes to walk around Menston. The idea is for the leaflet to be given to residents of  the new homes in the village to encourage walking and cycling!

Public Enquiry for Leeds Bradford Airport terminal expansion

CAM are pleased that a full public enquiry is going to take place later this year to consider the application to expand the airport terminal with a consequent increase in flights.  We are hugely concerned about the impact on the planet of such expansion and also the increase in noise locally. We encourage you to donate to so that all the arguments can be fully made.. They want to raise £100K and their website gives full details of how to support them

Do get in touch if you would like to get involved / find out more: