Climate Action Menston: August/September Highlights

Winner of the Youth Photography Competition!

Congratulations to Molli for winning the First Prize – Sun flare by Cobbtography. For the runners up and the other brilliant entries, please visit the GBGW page. Thanks to Clip’n’Climb Ilkley for the voucher prize.

CAM Public Meeting

The September CAM meeting on Wednesday 22nd September 2021 was treated to an inspiring talk by the acclaimed speaker Dr Rick Battarbee: Emeritus Professor of Environmental Change at University College London and co-ordinator of the Addingham Environment Group. He regaled the group with fascinating work on the state of the streams in Addingham, and the many ways in which the village is making a real difference, to biodiversity and climate change. CAM is looking forward to collaborating with the group and learning from their work.

The next CAM general meeting is Wednesday 24th November 7:30pm – venue to be confirmed.

Otley Repair Cafe

Climate Action Menston, at their Green Festival on 18th September, were really interested to hear about the Otley Repair Cafe that operates from the Courthouse Centre on the last Sunday of each month from 10-2pm. Do you have items that need repair? If so, the next cafe is on Sunday 26th September from 10am.  You should be prepared to stay and watch the repair so you can learn for next time!

Great Big Green Week

Menston’s Great Big Green Week brought together many areas of the community and highlit the work CAM has done so far, from tree planting to working on plans to make Main Street more people-friendly. Thank you to all who gave their time, enthusiasm and came to find out what was going on!


Congratulations to our Treewilding spinoff – MANT is now a registered charity no. 1195510! Menston Area Nature Trust vision is to acquire land locally and turn it into nature reserves for all to enjoy. For more information, visit

Leeds Bradford Airport

Leeds City Council approved the application to expand Leeds Bradford Airport on 11th February. If you are concerned about the extra carbon emissions that would result from this, you might wish to support GALBA’s campaign to launch a legal challenge to the council’s decision.

If you are concerned about the noise from the airplanes flying over Menston, join our campaign to check the flight paths are correct, and highlight when they are not. See the Travel & Transport page.

Menston Tree Trail

The Menston Tree Trail has been revamped by Menston in Bloom! Download a copy here.

Menston Green Festival

Menston’s first Green Festival was a success, with a number of people dropping in to hear the talks at Kirklands, and try out the smoothie bicycle and vegan cakes. Thanks to all you took part.

Grant Awarded to CAM

CAM is grateful for the support provided from the Shipley Area Committee for printing banners and other media.

New Crossing Trial outside Menston Primary School

Following CAM’s consultation workshops with residents and Menston Primary School, Bradford Council are trialling a new crossing outside Menston Primary School the week of 19th July. For full details please visit this page. Any comments would be gratefully received at


CAM held its first AGM on 9th June 2021. The minutes are available here.

Climate Action Menston is grateful to the Shipley Area Committee for their support