Jam & Jelly Hedge at Kirklands

The Treewilding group at CAM have worked with Menston In Bloom and the Kirklands Trust to develop a ‘Jam &Jelly Hedge’; a small hedge filled with fruity plants for everyone to pick and enjoy.

The “before” photos below show the site at the north boundary of Kirklands, behind the Pre-School and Bowling Green. The hedge was planned to form an ‘L’ shape in front of the bare fence and green wire fence.

On Saturday 20th Feb 2021, volunteers from CAM and Menston in Bloom planted hawthorn hedging, two crabapples and our Jam and Jelly hedge! There is still a little bit of work to do, but the plants are all in. Later in the year, you will be able to go and help yourself to blackberries, tayberries and loganberries. The crabapple trees, though small, will provide a lot of fruit.

The Hawthorn will be a good habitat for wildlife and, along with the crabapples and the berries, a great source of nectar for pollinators. Thanks to everyone who helped.

After Photos – Spring 2021

Plants in and just starting to grow!

Jam & Jelly Hedge starting to grow…

The project has been funded by a Shipley Area Committee Cleaner Streets, Park, and Open Spaces Grant.