Menston Green Festival & GBGW

Timetable for Menston’s Great Big Green Week

To download a copy of the timetable, please click here

CAM is delighted to announce the first Green Festival in Menston, to be held outside Kirklands on Saturday 18th September 2021 between 11am and 4pm. A full timetable of events will be posted here, but will include talks about the Greenway, Menston Area Nature Trust and the CAM Business award scheme. There will also be vegan cakes and other refreshments, a seed swap, trees for sale and a smoothie bike amongst other delights.

Some of Menston Green Festival organisers – from left to right: Roger Banister, Marilyn Banister, Francesca Bridgewater & Goodith White

Come and find out what CAM has been up to, and is planning in future, and how you can live a greener, more rewarding, life.

The Great Big Green Week is a national event, aimed at celebrating what communities are doing to facilitate green living, in advance of the COP26 meeting in Glasgow in November. It is running from Saturday 18th September to Sunday 26th September 2021. In Menston it will include guided walks throughout the week, a digital-photo competition for children, a pollinator walk on Saturday 25th for preschool kids and the CAM public meeting with a brilliant speaker, Dr Rick Battarbee the evening of Wednesday 22nd September. Click here to download the Programme.

Competition for Budding Young Photographers!

CAM presents Dr Rick Battarbee at their next meeting: