Safer Crossing for Menston Primary School being trialled

Exciting news of a safer school crossing for Menston!!!

We’ve been working with Menston Primary School, Menston Parish Council, Bradford Council and Street Space to develop designs for a safer crossing point for Main Street outside Menston Primary.

The crossing will widen pavements on both sides and slow traffic by having a ‘give and take’ section to enable children and parents to cross safely. Parking outside the Co-op (when it’s open!) will be retained.

The Council are keen to test this idea before a formal consultation so stay tuned as from this MONDAY (19th July) they’ll be a temporary trial in place to monitor the impacts (using cones etc). So it’s not road-works but something very exciting in development that’s been talked about for a long time!

Please do spread the word and check out the designs and poster attached. One step forward towards more liveable, safer, more people-friendly streets for Menston!