Climate Action Menston

We are a group of Menston residents who first got together in May 2019 out of concern for the climate emergency. Our aim is to take practical actions in our local area to raise awareness, to improve our local environment and to strive for carbon neutrality.

We usually hold public meetings roughly every two months. The next meeting was scheduled to take place on Wednesday 18th March 2020 at 7:30 p.m. at St John’s Church Parish Rooms, Menston but in light of current government advice on COVID-19 this meeting is unfortunately cancelled.

Anyone who would like to stay in touch with Climate Action Menston, and is not already on the Slack group, can contact info@climateactionmenstion to be enrolled on Slack where the discussion and activism can continue. Once on Slack, we recommend you explore all the different subgroups (click on Channels to view and optionally follow).

We are acutely conscious that the Environmental Climate Emergency has not gone away, despite the small silver lining of a drastic reduction in flights, and need to maintain momentum with our activities.

That said, the tree planting by the Wharfe on 29th March has been postponed indefinitely. Anyone who has saplings they are saving for this event, please pot them up or dig them in, so they will survive until the autumn.

Please click on the link entitled “Previous Meetings” above to access the minutes from our previous gatherings.

For an insight into some of the projects we are undertaking and our voluntary activity, please click on the link entitled “Working Groups” above.

And for our overall aims and ambitions, please go to the section entitled “Mission statement and aims”.